Yessenia Cruz

Booking Rates



  1. Locations: Outcall & Incall is available in San Francisco only. Outcall only all other Bay Area locations

  2. Verification: 3 recent provider references (name, website & email) or 2 of the following: email from work email, work website detailing name and job, photo of you and license/ID matching information from one of the other work verifications,

  3. New clients: Please book 48 hours in advance to provide time for verification. Verification is through work. See above.

  4. Couples & groups: For more hours please inquire. If there is more than one person in your party, please let me know as this changes the price.

  5. Etiquette: Please be clean and free of smells as I have a sensitive nose! Thank you!


“Appreciate what you have, where you are and who you are with in this moment.” —Tony Clark


All donations are for my time only.

I am so thrilled to meet you! Book your engagement soon so we can begin our journey!


1 hour: A Sweet Introduction |$500 (outcall only)

Just enough time to sit down and dig into each other’s minds!

1.5 hours: Strolling Through |$800

Delight yourself in a stroll through what I have to offer: Drinks and delightful conversation as we get to know each other. 

2 hours: A Quick Wander|$1,000

For the gentleman who enjoys a bit more thorough wandering through deeper waters. This adventure involves a bit more stimulation.

3 hours: A Riveting Jaunt|$1,400 

When you want to slow down and relax, yet still have an exciting experience, this adventure allows you to delve into an escape filled with luxury, stimulation, and conversation.

4 hours:  A Wonderful Cruise|$1,800

We can take things slower, getting to know one another, yet still enjoy everything there is to do under the moonlight.  

6 hours: A Mighty Excursion|$2,000

Perfect for the fantasy lover or those who love to get out on the town. Enjoy a quick getaway? I know some great spots!  Enjoy a home cooked meal? This deal gets you one if you want! Let's find out what passions we have in these 6 wonderful and sensual hours together.  

12-14 hours: An Exhilarating Overnight Journey|$3,000

This package is for the enthralling gentleman who wants to discover every crevice of the woman he is with. Should we take a trip? Should we stay in and discover everything there is to know about each other? We can invigorate each other's minds, bodies and souls all night long...  These hours are yours to do what you desire! Let's uncover what that might be...  

24 hours: The Ultimate Adventure Escape| $5,000

This is the package for the gentleman who knows what he desires! Let's escape and enjoy each other's luxurious company. 

Additional 24 hours|$4,000

One day simply is not enough. Let's enjoy more adventures with another day!

Couples Boat|Regular session rate +$900 per additional person

I love entertaining with couples! I find it exhilarating to help couples add that spark of life and reignite the flames of passion. We will enjoy a captivating time together through drinks, conversation and enjoying one another's company. Please e-mail me for more details!